High quality skiing and snowboarding are principally about perfect sharp-edged and the quality structure. High-quality machine WINTERSTEIGER DISCOVERY offers a huge variety of the ski and SNB edge grinding for the observance of the maximum serviceability.

You improve your sport experience, safety and life extension of your sport equipment with the regular quality service. Properly prepared ski and snowboard base improves the slide on the snow. Perfectly sharp-edged ski makes turning more accurate and also ski control and braking. Ski binding by the machine is very important security element which makes skis off fast and correct during the crash and it reduces the consequences of the fall.

Wintersteiger DiscoveryWhat does our SERVICE offer?

  • High-quality ski service by the trained service technicians for modern machines
  • Wide offer of the ski base finishing – linear, arrow, wave and race structure
  • Possibily of the angle grinding edges choice on the ceramic discs (angles 1,0 –3,0° low and 89 – 87° sidewalls)
  • Waxing and polishing are done on the Wintersteiger WAX JET or Wax Future – contactless waxing with the infrared technology
  • The ski adjustment - Wintersteiger DRIVETRONIC
  • When you buy a new pair of ski – ski binding assembly and adjustment - free
  • Bootfiting – Salomon and Atomic

You will have fun on the snowy track and downhill race course thanks to well-prepared skis or snowboard. We prepare your downhill and cross-country skis, snowboards on the high-quality machines Wintersteiger in Rokytnice nad Jizerou you to have the unforgettable and safe experiences.

We have the most modern machines from the reputable Austrian brand WINTERSTEIGER which is used by famous ski manufacturers Atomic, Blizzard, Fischer, Völkl etc.

Our service owns a machine with the highest level „WINTERSTEIGER DISCOVERY“ with a unique precision of the ski and snowboards sidewalls grinding by means of the ceramic discs.

The complete offer of our service

Ski and snowboard services mean:

  • High-quality of base structure
  • The sharpest sidewalls for their longer lifetime
  • Deeply waxed ski base

Machines for waxing, base repairing, bind adjustment...

Bolt Wax Future

Bolt Wax Future
We use a new Swiss machine Bolt Wax Future for a deeply ski base impregnation and a race service. It is a real revolution in the sphere of base waxing for skiers and race skiers.

Waxjet Eco

Waxjet Eco
Skis and snowboards are waxed on a new machine Wintersteiger Waxjet Eco. This machine has excellent results of waxing and base polishing and sidewalls. It is used the special service waxes.


The thorough and precise binding for safy skiing is carried out on Wintersteiger Drivetronic. Fast and 100% calibration guarantees the accurate test results.


The manual machine Wintersteiger Sigma is used for basic treatment of the ski base and sidewalls. This machine is also used for roughly basic and soft grinding by means of the scotch brite, burr removal, polishing.


Wintersteiger Polyman Pistols are used for repairing of the ski and snowboard bases. The new applied layers of the base have the same properties as the original ones. The used material is linked together with the original base perfectly and the material will not be unstuck.

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